This game was done during the Ludum Dare 43 with the theme : Sacrifice

You play as a robot that can throw its own members to kill the enemies and control

The main goal is to stay alive. To do this, you can shoot on the ennemis to kill them. But you are throwing your members on and you won't have any member to fight if you only have your head left.

While you're a head, you can roll over a ennemi's corpse to appropriate the ennemy's body and gain new members to throw. And this is how you stay alive.

If you are staying too long while you're a head, you will die.

Press 0 to eject your head and lose your old bod, and you can go with your head find an other corpse to continue with.

Try to do the best score !!

Controls keyboard (no controller): 

- Up, down, left and right arrows to move

- 0 (zero on number pad) to eject your head

- Left click on tour mouse to shoot

PS : There's some bugs like if you eject your head right on a corpse, you don't get the corpse and you're still a head.


BalV2.rar 17 MB


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it's shitty